Indonesia and United States Symbol Similarities : Is it conspiracy?

Out of Many, One

Yogyakarta, 2013

United States has established since more than 4 century ago and has rigorous history. The story of US has told us about many things, Boston Tea Party, North-South War,  Appollo history and many things which encourage ‘American Hardship’. On the other hand, Indonesia owned their freedom in 1945. After occupied by Japan and Dutch, We could abuse a critical momentum of ‘bloody Hiroshima-Nagasaki Bombing’ which Japan surrender in 2nd World War, Soekarno and Hatta announce Indonesia independence to the world. In my belief, by having this tough effort to achieve our liberty and equality on this day, Indonesia could change slowly to be the new superpower. United states need 300 years to reach their glory, so, frankly it is not impossible for Indonesia to determine ‘the glory’ by having consistent progress in the future.

However, my generation would have hard duty to against corruption and tackle corruption from Indonesia governance. Every years and precisely every month mass media always show up many scandals or political conflict which could bring up pragmatism for certain Jong Indonesia.

Garuda and The Great Seal

Instead of thinking too hard to find Indonesia solution, I’d like to a bit show you about a unique things of similarities of Indonesia and US symbol. Actually, I do not know whether unintentionally or not, both US and Indonesia use eagle (Garuda in bahasa) for national symbol. Obviously, both of them are turn to the right and catching a slogan. In addition, both of them also have a shield in the middle which is painted with flag color.

Furthermore, Indonesia slogan is ‘Bhinneka Tunggal Ika’ which means ‘We unite in the differences’. On the other hand, US slogan ‘E Plurus Unum’ which means ‘Out of many ones’.  It is very similar right? Was it a part of conspiracy?

The point of my words is to show us how we (Indonesian) already have good spirit to be strong nation. Our symbol is teaching us to respect democracy and appreciate differences. However, as the new nation,  we still need a bit more time to learn and grow.

Achmad Faris Saffan Sunarya


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