Which One is Better: Public Transport vs Private Cars?


Seoul Subway

Most wealthy people want to have private car parked in their garage. For a simple reason, car having car is always associated with pride for some family. Indonesia the new fascinating developing country having many middle class people, Indonesia’s Richie rich newcomers are already targeted as markets of many automobile companies. Consequently, due to increase of buying power , cars ownership is growing slightly month by month and totally significant in a year. However, inevitably, more than 1 million people, who commute every day from their homes to work are generally use their cars.

Shifting people from using private cars to public transport is a complicated issue in Indonesia cities. Either metropolitan or medium-sized cities are still struggling to improve their mass transit system. Common problem which comes up in public transit operation are lack of headway, limited coverage area, and penalty fare with other mode. While people should rely on public transit, private car offers many interesting incentives. Obviously, cheap parking fares and cheap fuel offers vigorously make you prefer private cars over public transport.

Ideally, using public transport is always the best choice for any cities in order to achieve sustainability. Public transport is more efficient to mobilize people in a bundle mode and can save energy. However, changing people automobile habit need strong policies to provide good public transit service and restrict private car use. Government and private shall invest a million dollar to provide suitable public transport infrastructure for the citizens.  Otherwise, slow but sure, the city will weaken.

On the other hand, restricting car use doesn’t always mean people should not have cars. In more developed country, cars ownership rate is higher rather than Indonesia. At the same time, people who have a car will be charged decisively with ownership tax, high parking fare, or congestion fare. Hence, a lot of people usually use their car not for commuting, but just for certain occasional event such as party or holiday. Therefore, this kind of policy is not only protecting the industrial market to support economy, but also preserve our earth from green house emission.

In my conclusion, using public transport is better choice for environment reason and mobility. However, instead of making move from their cars without better options, it could be great if the city start to  plan the a high quality transit system. Therefore, people will change their habit easier and more happy.

Author : Achmad Faris

Edited by: Tizar Bijaksana


Satu pemikiran pada “Which One is Better: Public Transport vs Private Cars?

  1. imo, this should be a collaboration between government and the citizens. In Portugal and some countries I visited, my hosts and friends said the parking fee, oil, and tax for cars are very very high. and yes, they use car for some occasions. not daily. or, surprisingly, more people choose to walk rather than use public transportation.
    good example to follow, isn’t it? :p

    and after I got used to walk or use public transportation here, I tried to do that in Indonesia. but the results are: cars horned at me, almost got hit several times by motorcycle, and pimples 😦

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