21th Century Global Leaders Who Ever Being a Mayor (Jokowi?)


Yogyakarta, September 2013

Nowadays enormous Indonesian knows Jokowi  who elected as Jakarta Governor in the end of 2012. Before responsible to lead Jakarta, he appointed a great success story from Surakarta that he replaced many street vendor from public space to traditional market and made some proper city walk. The street vendor removed by good participatory approach after trough hundreds hearing forum. Nowadays,  Jokowi is more famous with his  ‘blusukan’ (direct interaction between leader and his people) than the other Indonesian leader which make him loved by many people. Although he just runs as a Jakarta Governor  for 10 months, many people request him to take a place in the presidential election.

In 21th century, we already have  great global leaders who ever being responsible to lead city or a metropolitan area. Obviously, their extraordinary achievements which their people recorded by every their hearts was encouraging his opportunity to win the presidential election.

Lee Myung Bak-Seoul

Lee Myung Bak was the 10th president of South Korea, which was born in Osaka December 19, 1941. He graduated from Korea University and led student council as president. While obligated to lead Seoul Metro Area, He did many controversy issue came up during his period. The policy made by him was not popular but sustainable for Seoul Development. He redeveloped Cheonggyecheon stream by destroying fly over that closed the stream while other city in the world built many fly overs. The stream could use for public recreation and leisure. He also opened Seoul Forest Park to provide proper public space for Seoul. In the end, he succeeds in reforming Seoul Metro Bus system from unorganized system to integrate with Seoul Subway. He did more than five hundred meeting with bus operators to invent the new system.  By did that way, recently, Seoul citizen enjoyed discount fare and high quality Bus service.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan-Istanbul

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is current Turkish Prime Minister who come from Justice and Development Party since 2003. He graduated from Marmara University majoring in economics and commercial science. Starting from university he registered as university football player and engaged with National Turkish Student Union. Erdogan was elected as Istanbul Mayor that known as the largest metropolitan area in Europe in 1994. While he led Istanbul, Erdogan achieved many goal such solving traffic chaos by ameliorated the traffic with new fifty bridges, five highways and viaduct. He also installed water shortage by building a new pipeline for whole urban area. Besides, he also replaced old bus fleet with eco-friendly bus. Besides did many physical changes in Istanbul, he never forgot to reform Istanbul governance in promoting anti-corruption.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad-Tehran

Ahmadinejad earned his PhD in transportation engineering and planning from Iran University of Science and Technology. As a simple and low profile person which supported by his academic background, he was elected to be Tehran mayor. He emphasize a religious culture in every life foundation entire the city such separated man and woman elevators in municipality offices. He also had a pro-poor policy by giving food subsidy. Besides, he also gave significant contribution for Tehran mobility by improving citywide traffic system.

In the end of my page, I want give all of you a simple question. Could Jokowi run his presidential election in 2014 before he finish his period in Jakarta province?

Achmad Faris Saffan Sunarya


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