What Makes We Difference from Old Fashion (Our Parent) Generation?

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Yogyakarta, September 2013

Every generation of people is different in important ways. What is

Our generation different from our parents’ generation? What is our duty?

I was born in 1989 which precisely the end of 1980’s. Many things happen after that year passed, especially after Berlin wall broke down which showed Berlin unification. The cold war tendency was reducing day by day, unless in the mid-east. On that time, United states of America, Japan and Europe economic were being growing rapidly by many technology invention such as a personal computer, hand phone, construction technology, cheap car or even Nintendo. The technology showed human civilization supremacy, but it also give us environment degradation impacts. The technology  was  brought in to Indonesia trough many education scholars, industry, and free market.  Obviously, it is quite clear on how our parent generation have a different way than us that called 90s generation.

My parent said that while she was a young girl, the education system always challenged her to build this nation and hold our nation independency (Indonesia) by doing industrialization. On that time, Soeharto whom we know as Indonesia 2nd president sent many scholars abroad to learn about technology. They had built many highways in Jakarta and industrial estates which generate motorization and green house emission. Having a car was  prestige for social status for our parent hence many cars was stacked on the street. What they concern was prioritizing is Indonesia development and the gross domestic product. On the other hand, our environment and life quality has been suffered, which showed by many green fields conversion to be settlements, and severe traffic congestion.

In my opinion, building our nation does not merely on how we concern on economic development. Our fertile land is more than just hour homeland for living, it is also a legacy from Allah swt which need our wisdom. Indeed, The 90’s generation who are living in the transition era from old economic minded shall realize on how this earth requires our new sustainability mindset in order to develop our nation. The 90’s is challenged not just to think about profit, but also have to involve people and planet for priority. There are many way of life that we need to change, for instance let start to do not buy cheap cars and just decide to use public transport, or better buy an apartment in an urbanized area rather than buy a small house in urban fringe.

I believe what a person think could affect widely while it uses for precedence. I believe a little change in our way of life could give benefit widely if we do it together. So let start to think sustainable now buddy!

Achmad Faris Saffan Sunarya


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