We Just Need to Meet (Filosofi angkringan part2)

Yogyakarta, November 2013

demo transjogja

‘Desain angkringan yang dekat antara penjual dan pembeli memmilki fungsi untuk menjaga interaksi antara pembeli dan penjual. Mengapa makanan yang angkringan yang sederhana, seringkali terasa nikmat untuk dimakan? Semua itu karena interaksi’

Actually, I never realize that someday I have to deal with any protesters in the effort of public transport reformation in Jogja. When I was a student, I spent much time to design demonstration activities in order to against government charade policies which just made people suffer. Jumping, shouting, and give a speech in front of hundred people was amazing. It was kind of awkward moment about this disposition. Many musclemen who come from existing Jogja bus operators which might be replaced by the new system confront any reformation ideas. Whether the idea is more reliable for people or follow by social impact program, they were still reluctant. Moreover, that political chaos affected 3 Transjogja crew got injured, many Transjogja shelters shut-down, and Transjogja control office burn due to foolish anger. In my deepest heart, I always try to stand up people interest. However, currently ‘white’ and ‘black’ never seems pure, because sometimes it is change to be ‘light grey’ or even ‘dark grey’ which obscure our believe about truth.

Once, I talked to my aunty who earned professor titled from Yogyakarta National University for Sociology. She mentioned that any kind of reformation ought to deal with much controversy and might take a long time. In Jogja, there are some people who gained their basic in poverty level and sometimes lack of education too. Most of existing Jogja bus operators does not have any capability to organize business case and give proper service in running their bus for passengers. Most of them are prefer to avoid any change which could harm their ‘fake’ comfort zone to operate the old bus fleet. Nevertheless, the modern life with better welfare could not rely on that kind of service quality that provided by them. People are much easier to buy a car or motorbike that used for commuting every day. Hence, we can imagine how much congestion that resulted while people start to left public transport system, and just concern with their ego.

I and my team tried to gather up the in more informal meeting like ‘arisan’- an Indonesian way to meet up, share and having dinner together. In the first time a ‘distrust’ feeling squeezing among us due to prior demonstration. Well actually, I try to kept share the reformation concept and hear about their anxiety. On the other hand, they were very attractive, talkative, but also humble to state what their feeling really is. Eventually, we were cheering up together and breaking out ‘the wall’ between us by understanding their basic interest.

Even most of them still rejecting the reformation concept, but they start to open their mind that we need a change to fix up this mess transport problems. Once, they denied my statement, while I propose compensation subsidy ideas in order to replace their operation from the existing route. Independency and dignity are bounded in Javanese philosophy which showed by their opinion that better to give them ‘soft loan’ policy in order to use to renew their bus fleet. They want to join the Transjogja business opportunities, and ready to receive any capacity building towards more professional company. I just remembered about Javanese idiom that said Javanese People are always open to learn something new, but dislike in acquiring pedagogic.

They need to encourage to getting out from poverty by transforming being more professional transport enterprises which have good competitiveness. On the other hand, many Jogja people and tourists require proper public transport systems which reliable with high end service quality. I see the light from it, when much interest met. There are many professional or academia who easy to find the best concept and enjoy they life on paper. However, it is still hard to find person who can concretize baby step to realize the concept which able to combine their motifs.

Achmad Faris Saffan Sunarya


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