Nice Halal Food in Berlin (Part 1)

Berlin, June 2015

I have been living in this city for 9 month while I am writing this blog. So far, I really enjoy this city because some imperfection, diversity, park, good transport, affordable living, and also HALAL food. Berlin has 30% of Muslim population which consisting migrant, mixed marriage, and also Germans. So that’s why, this city offer many option for Halal food hunter.

  1. RisA


RisA restaurant on Turmstrasse

If you searching for simple crispy chicken specialist, RisA would the best choice for you. This restaurant located in some place in Berlin. In my opinion, the one which located in Turmstrasse is the best option. This location is only located 2 U-Bahn station from Zoo station.

The price is quite affordable and worth. I mean really big for common Asian people size, but normal for Western culture. It is around 4.8- 5.7 EUR for single package, and 12- 16 EUR for family package. While I was just become the new Berliner, I never could eat all of the chicken, and potatoes. Then, slow but sure, I use to eat all of it. My favorite menu is A1, the chicken wing with potato, or B1 the grilled tasty chicken.


My wife with her RisA dishes

  1. Kubideh at El reda



My Indonesian friend said to me, if you don’t eat Kubideh in Berlin, it means you never I Berlin. Haha. I think that is a truth. Now, Kubideh already make me addicted. Actually, Kubideh is the name of menu. The restaurant name is El reda. This restaurant still located in Turmstrasse, but we need to take bus M27 or 123 for two stop from Turmstarsse U Bhan station.

The fine dishes is really big. The grilled meat is really tasty. For spicy lovers, they also provide paprika powder, and good Sambals as complementary. The price is quite expensive, but it is worth. For single Kubideh, we must pay 6 EUR, and 8 EUR for double Kubideh. The other menu like schwarma, and falafel also good, and cheaper. Then, last but not least, this restaurant also provide free tea for the customer. During firday night, and Saturday night, this place usually really crowded. It is better to come at off-peak hour, so you can enjoy your big dishes, and eat it slowly.


A friends of mine, which are student in UK visited El Reda

  1. Schawarma at Omar Mosque


Busy guys who prepared our schawarma

After the Jumah (Friday) pray, I use to eat Omar Mosque schawarma. The restaurant, is located just in the ground floor of the mosque. This place is easy to access by U- Bahn station. You can just only take U12, and stop at Gölitzer station.

The price is cheap. It is only 3 EUR. What make it so different in Berlin is the lamb taste. I think they have such of secret recipe that make them different with any other schawarma in Berlin. The taste its a little bit spicy, but can reduce it by ask without onion, and spicy sauce. During Friday, they also open a small stand for some delicious middle-east food.


Achmad Faris Sunarya

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    1. Yoii banget Belll.. Mitos banget kalo gak bakal habis. Semua tamu yg gw bawa pasti ngabisin tu porsi gede.. termasuk yg cewek

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